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The Big Positive Pledge with Nationwide

Woodlands play a crucial role in helping manage climate change.

Nationwide Building Society will be creating new woodlands across the UK and is pledging to plant at least 25,000 trees by 2016.
Now it’s your turn to make a pledge.

It’s simple - you pledge, we plant.

We want you to pledge to do a little to help protect woodland.  For every pledge you make, Nationwide will plant a tree. True to our name, these trees will be planted nationwide, helping to grow our British woodland areas. And these trees are here to stay, they aren't plantation trees that will be cut down again, they are the start of new woodland areas near you, for your friends, family and pets to enjoy for years to come.

Come along to Centrale on 28th and 29th June and make your pledge.  We've got a great woodland setting and a photo booth, so your pledge can be captured and shared, enabling you to inspire others to make their own pledge - more pledges equal more planting.

Why not take a walk in a local woodland...

Chiphouse Wood, Chiphouse Bottom

An area of ancient semi-natural woodland, a bridleway provides the main path to the north of the wood. Main broadleaf species include oak, beech, ash and also yew. Bluebells and other wild flowers occur seasonally.

Chiphouse Wood

Marden Park, Woldingham

Actually made up of Marden Park and Great Church Wood, this site boasts no fewer than 25 species of butterfly, rare snails and stripe-winged grasshoppers. The North Downs Way and the six-mile Woldingham Countryside Walk both pass through the site.

Marden Park 

Warren Farm, East Ewell

This large area of open grassland and planted areas of wood is an important landscape feature in a largely urban environment. It has good views across the site and towards Ewell and also adjoins Nonsuch Park to the north. The young woodland and scrub on the site provide good habitats for flora and fauna that are not generally found in suburban areas. It is well used by local people and has an excellent network of paths.

Warren Park

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