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17/01 - 02/03

Croydon Plays Itself

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Open from 18th January 2019 – 2nd March 2019

Free & Open To All
Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 17:00pm And Until 8pm On Thursdays 

Croydon Plays Itself takes as its starting point a selection of objects from Museum of Croydon’s display. Harold Offeh was invited by Turf Projects to respond to artefacts from the Museum of Croydon’s collection. Offeh was initially drawn to figures and objects from Croydon’s history: composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, sexologist Havelock Ellis, Jakson’s Lavender oil and the promotional materials accompanying the 1993 edition of Croydon’s Pride festival. Offeh’s approach was to think about how these histories might make points of connection with contemporary Croydon. Through previous works Offeh has been interested in how performance and re-enactments can allow people to establish conversations with histories.

Offeh has chosen to work with individuals and groups from Croydon to create a number of responses to the selection of objects from Museum of Croydon. The exhibition installation will seek to use conventions of retail display – in part influenced by Turf’s current location within Croydon’s Whitgift Shopping Centre – to present objects, artefacts, performance and video to audiences. The project invites Croydon to re-visit and re-animate aspects of its own history.

Further Info

Opening Night Thursday 17th January 2019 17:00pm - 21:00pm

Free & open to all with BYOB welcome.

Opening night will include a group performance choreographed by Harold Offeh. Croydon Lounging in Croydon will be an evolution of Offeh’s Lounging project, exploring depictions of black men on album covers in repose or lounging – a popular trope for black male singers in the 1980s

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Turf Projects, 46-47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR0 1UQ.

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