Best breakfast in Centrale & Whitgift

Tuck into these breakfasts on your next shopping trip

Whether you’re indulging in a breakfast of champions or grabbing a quick breakfast to go – we’ve rounded up some of the best brekkies at Centrale & Whitgift. Tuck in! 


Healthy food doesn’t have to leave your tummy rumbling! Even if you’re on a January health kick, you still want to make sure your satisfying your appetite – this healthy, filling and delicious option is guaranteed to hit the spot.     Cafe Giardino  We love Cafe Giardino’s poached eggs, served with avocado and cherry tomatoes on brown toast with a generous drizzle of basil pesto. Yum!    As well as being totally tasty, eggs are packed with quality protein to help you stay fuller for longer (and to stop you from reaching for the biscuit tin mid-morning).     Don’t forget your caffeine kick: Cafe Giardino’s extensive coffee menu is sure to get you fired up for the day. All coffees can be made with skimmed, semi, soya or almond milk, too.     Open from 10am Monday-Friday; 9am Saturday; 11am Sunday. Breakfast served all day. 


Whether you’re a dedicated veggie, vegan or just making an effort to eat less meat and more veg in the new year, this mouth-watering dish is a must-pick on the menu. We reckon it’s tasty enough to convert even the most committed carnivore.

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Starbucks five grain oatmeal porridge

Starbucks Sometimes it’s the simple things that are most satisfying, and this five-grain oatmeal porridge from Starbucks certainly hits the spot. Made with soya and coconut cream, this little pot of goodness combines oats, golden linseed, quinoa, red and wild rice and a touch of cinnamon. Choose from honey and dried fruit to top it off.  And enjoy it with a dairy-free cortado, made with your choice of almond, soya, oat or coconut milk.  Open from 8am Monday-Friday; 8am Saturday; 9:30am Sunday. Breakfast available while stocks last.

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Health kick? What health kick? January doesn’t have to be all about smoothies and calorie counting! Sometimes you need something more substantial to get you through the day (and the whole month of January, for that matter). This hearty but a little bit naughty option is guaranteed to tick all of the taste boxes.

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M&S full Marks breakfast

Marks & Spencer There’s nothing more indulgent than a full English breakfast, and the M&S Cafe’s full marks breakfast is the top spot for one in Centrale & Whitgift. Enjoy M&S sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast, along with your favourite coffee – from flat white to macchiato and everything in between.   Open from 8am Monday-Saturday; 11am Sunday. Breakfast served until 11am. 


If you’re struggling to get up in time to eat breakfast before jetting out the door, there are still lots of options for a quick and easy brekkie that’ll see you through a full day of shopping at Centrale & Whitgift.     Caffé Nero  Nip into Caffé Nero and grab a pot of their brilliant apple and berry bircher muesli. This little pot of goodness is made with Greek-style yoghurt and is topped with apple, mixed berries and seeds. Perfect if you’re trying to stay healthy on-the-go.    Don’t forget to grab your on-the-go caffeine kick before you jet off!   Open from 10am Monday-Friday; 9am Saturday; 11am Sunday. Breakfast available while stocks last. 


Sometimes the only thing that will hit the spot at breakfast time is something sweet and totally delicious. On the hunt for something a little indulgent? Look no further…   McDonalds  McDonalds might be famed for its breakfast muffins and hash browns, but they also offer a stack of American-style pancakes drizzled with syrup. McDonalds have a great coffee menu, too, at really reasonable prices. Open from 8:30am Monday-Friday; 8.30am Saturday; 11am Sunday. Breakfast served until 10:30.