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If you’re not a fan of struggling through the airport with a massive case, or paying extra to stow your luggage in the hold, it makes perfect sense to travel with cabin baggage only. We asked Becky Wiggins – travel blogger, frequent flyer and expert packer – for her tips on travelling light.

Pick your perfect packing partner

Before you even think about packing, you need a great bag. Don’t be fooled by brands suggesting their cases are ‘cabin luggage approved’, as many airlines have different cabin bag size restrictions. Check your airline’s size and weight restrictions before you choose. Soft-sided bags are more forgiving (and easier to force into the bag size checker at check-in), and wheels take up valuable space too.

Go fun-sized on toiletries

Of course you’ll need your toiletries, but everything has to be under 100ml. Take the body spray version of your signature scent and the tiny version of your anti-perspirant. If you’d rather decant your full-size toiletries, shops like Boots and Tiger do brilliant travel bottles ready to fill with your favourites. Top tip: to avoid spills, take the lid off and cover the top of the bottle with cling film, then screw back on.

Co-ordination is key

Roughly plan your outfits in advance so you’re not wasting space taking items you won’t use. Either colour co-ordinate, or go monochrome, then add some bright accessories. Take shoes that will match several outfits but don’t go mad – shoes add weight.

Hack your packing

First, roll everything into sausages. It takes up less space and doesn’t crease anything more than folding. I swear by the bag within a bag system: use cotton bags for shoes (good one for guys, if you’ve just polished your shoes); another bag for undies; another for accessories (buttons are great for keeping stud earrings tidy, and thread necklaces through a straw). Use a zipped bag for toiletries (make sure it’s less than 20 x 20cm) that you can whip straight out when you’re going through security. Stuff socks into shoes, and wear or carry your jacket.

She’s making a list, and checking it twice

Nearly there! As the Queen of Stuff Left Behind, I suggest making a list of all your essentials: phone, charger, headphones, passport, adaptor, currency, etc., and make sure you tick it off as you put it in your bag. That way there’ll be no nasty surprises when you unpack.

You’re ready to go. Now all that’s left is to skip off the plane, straight past baggage reclaim and begin your holiday. Happy travels!

Take 5…

Your capsule holiday wardrobe: girls, you can’t go wrong with these five pieces – available in Centrale now. 

1. Embroidered striped dress, £29.99, Zara  2. Jersey top in powder pink, £8.99, H&M  3. Denim boyfriend shorts, £24.99, H&M  4. Broderie cami, £14, Next  5. Metallic pleated skirt, £34.99, H&M

And for the guys…

With these five pieces in your suitcase, you’ve got plenty of stylish holiday looks sorted.

1. Chino shorts in dark blue, £17.99, H&M  2. Khaki/ecru stripe T-shirt, £18, Khaki  3. Blue boat shoes, £29.99, Zara  4. Shirt in pink, £25.99, Zara  5. Chinos relaxed fit in khaki, £24.99, H&M

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