How to eat vegan on a shopping trip

Here are the top vegan dishes at Centrale & Whitgift

When it comes to delicious vegan dishes and vegan-friendly restaurants, we have it covered. Thanks to the popularity of Veganuary and the rise in the number of people going vegan, more and more restaurants and cafes have expanded their menu to include animal-free dishes and vegan versions of your favourite meals. 

To help you discover where you can find vegan food at Centrale & Whitgift, we’ve put together a guide of the top dishes for you to try on your next shopping trip. 

1. At Auntie Anne’s, they have a special vegan pretzel menu so pretzel lovers don’t have to miss out. You can choose from a variety of flavours, including a cinnamon sugar pretzel – just make sure you order them without the butter. 

2. Ice cream was once off-limits for vegans, but now there are plenty of non-dairy alternatives popping up. The Sainsbury’s Swedish Glace Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert in Smooth Vanilla is perfect for when you need something to satisfy that sweet tooth.

3. If you’re looking to get your energy levels back up after a few hours of shopping, head to Starbucks for a light bite. The Grilled Veg and Grain Salad Bowl features a medley of rainbow veg, from shredded carrots and pea shoots to chargrilled broccoli and red peppers. All served with a mouthwatering chimmichurri dressing. They also serve up some great dairy-free coffee.