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Sleep Yourself Beautiful

Unless you’ve been on a digital detox, you’ll have heard about Gwyneth Paltrow’s love of clean sleeping – dubbed the biggest trend of 2017.

To enjoy the clean sleeper’s dream of getting 8-10 hours of good quality sleep a night, skip that glass of wine and sip chamomile tea instead, avoid caffeine after 4pm and steer clear of your phone or computer in the hours just before bedtime. Not only will you be well-rested, you’ll be better looking. There’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep…

1 Younger-looking skin
The skin repairs itself while you sleep and a study by Estée Lauder found that those who slept badly had more wrinkles and less elastic skin than those who slept soundly. “Getting inadequate sleep accelerates skin aging,” explains lead researcher, Dr Elma Baron.
Clean sleeping saviour: Why not give skin a further boost while you sleep with a nourishing night cream like Clarins Hydra Quench Cream, £36,from Debenhams. 

2 Slimmer waistline
Researchers at the University of Chicago learned that just four nights of poor sleep affected metabolism, causing the body to store more fat.
Clean sleeping saviour: Regular exercise is an essential part of any clean sleeping regime. Invest in some clever fitness tech, like a Fitbit, £89.99, from Curry's PC World, to track your daily movements.

3 Bigger, brighter eyes
In the short term, not sleeping properly causes eyes to become sore, itchy and puffy, none of which maketh a beauty queen. Longer term it can cause burst blood vessels and blurred vision (not a bad thing when gazing at your sleep-deprived self in the mirror).
Clean sleeping saviour: Paltrow says a room should be completely dark for the best night’s sleep. If you’re having trouble creating that pitch-black environment, we suggest trying an eye mask like Eco Tools Sustainable Sleep Mask, £4.99, Boots, to block out light. 

4 Feel good, look good
Even supermodels look bad with a red nose and watery eyes, so anything that makes you less prone to illness will up your attraction factor. A study by the University of Washington monitored 11 sets of identical twins and discovered the twin who had less sleep was more vulnerable to illness. Enough said.
Clean sleeping saviour: Paltrow recommends pillowcases that contain copper oxide fibres as they supposedly prevent wrinkles. If that’s a step too far, just make sure you have a good quality mattress. On average we keep a mattress for eight years, which means it’s important to always try them out before you buy. Visit House of Fraser at the centre to test out mattresses for comfort. 



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