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The Whitgift Foundation

Founded in 1596 by Archbishop John Whitgift, The Whitgift Foundation is a charity committed to providing education for the young and care for the elderly in the Borough of Croydon.

With three outstanding independent schools that are supported by one of the largest bursary schemes in the country; three care homes providing outstanding support for elderly people in Croydon; and the provision of training and support to an estimated 34,000 carers in Croydon, it is clear that even 400 years after it was established, the commitment of The Whitgift Foundation has not stopped growing.

To help promote and raise awareness of the wonderful work The Whitgift Foundation does on a daily basis, the charity has released the below film that focuses on just a few of the people that it has supported over the years.

With a central theme focused on the fact that at any given time in Croydon, you could be sat next to, in a queue with or walking down the street next to someone whose life has been touched by The Whitgift Foundation, the video is a great reminder of how much good the Foundation has provided over the years.

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