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Your organic beauty gift guide

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Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a present for someone special, a luxury beauty set will always make a welcome Christmas gift. This year, however, keep it natural – we’re talking vegan, organic and chemical-free beauty products.  

Think about it! Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs much of what we put on, so treating it to pure, plant-based ingredients will enrich and feed it from the inside out. 

It’s better for your conscience too – products tend to avoid excess packaging, use biodegradable materials and are not tested on animals. 
Vegan beauty Q&A

Natural, organic and vegan beauty: what’s the difference?

But what makes a product natural? What is organic beauty? And how do you really know if your cleanser is cruelty-free or a body scrub is vegan? 

Follow these tips to help you figure it out:

1. Check the ingredients label
Any product can be labelled natural or organic even if it contains just 1% plant or organic-based ingredients. Always study the ingredients list to find out if a product is as natural or organic as it’s claiming to be. 

If it’s packed full of botanicals, they’ll be listed first and any synthetic ingredients will be added at the bottom.  

2. Avoid these common ingredients
If you’re shopping for natural beauty: parabens, sulphates, silicones, petroleum. 
If you’re shopping for organic skincare: salt and clay. 
If you’re shopping for vegan cosmetics: glycerin, collagen, gelatin, retinol, lanolin. 

3. Look for logos
The Soil Association’s COSMOS The product is organic, chemical-free and is made with at least 95% organic ingredients.
The Leaping Bunny No animal testing was involved in making the product. 
The Vegan Society The product contains no animal extracts or animal by-products.
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Where to shop organic beauty

Now you’ve got the lowdown on all things natural, vegan and organic, we’ve rounded up the best natural beauty brands and gift sets to shop for this Christmas in Centrale & Whitgift.

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An award-winning Mediterranean-inspired natural skincare brand that uses high quality, responsibly sourced natural active ingredients to create an irresistible collection of skin, body, grooming and haircare products. 

Our pick: L'Occitane Invigoration Verbena, £30, M&S

pampering giftset


Motivated by the natural power of plants, this premium ethical natural beauty brand uses nutrient-rich and eco-friendly active ingredients in its pampering collection of face, body and suncare products. 

Our pick:
Nuxe Christmas Huile Prodigieuse Candle Set, £33, M&S

skincare giftset


Passionate about the planet, REN offers a collection of ‘clean’ skin and bodycare products that are formulated with natural plant and mineral derived active ingredients and sold in ethically sourced, biodegradable packaging. 

Our pick: REN Joy Gift Set, £25, M&S

bodycare giftset

Burt’s Bees

Born in a bee-keepers backyard in America, this award-winning range of 100% natural face, bath and body luxuries offers cruelty-free and chemical-free makeup too. 

Our pick:
Burt’s Bees Essential Starter Kit, £13, M&S

facial oil and cleansing balm

Boots Botanics Organic

Inspired by nature and using the best quality natural products, the world’s most effective organic plant extracts lie at the heart of every product to target your skin’s specific needs. 

Our picks: Botanics Organic Facial Oil 100% Organic 25ml, £11.49, and Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 97% Organic 70ml, £8.99, both Boots

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